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Welcome to!

I created this blog to help intellectual migrants succeed in changing country or career, as entrepreneurs do. 😉

An intellectual migrant is any person who decides, by choice, to move from a point A to a point B – whether it be physically, or intellectually.

I believe in every intellectual migrant is the seed of entrepreneurship. The trick is to know how to nourish it and reveal it in order to succeed in any lifechanging project.

Here you’ll find tips and tricks, inspiration, interviews, experience sharing, books,… and answers to your questions related to these topics:

  • embracing a new country / new culture
  • changing career direction
  • improving your personal life quality

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The willingness to share, help, and inspire are at the heart of this blog. So all constructive comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome to nourish it, improve it, and build a caring and supportive community around it. 🙂

Happy to connect with you whenever you reach out!

To your success!