A Letter to my Dad… Happy Birthday!

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« A grateful mind is a powerful mind. » – Nico & Vinz

My dad’s birthday today – or may I say yesterday, in Tunisia timezone.

What does he feel daddy? Is he happy today? Does age scare him?… It does scare me.

I called mom earlier and she said he doesn’t want any celebration.

Then I called him and he was warm-hearted as usual. Showing fun, as usual. Complaining about mom, as usual. And asking me not to stay long far-away (as usual)…

I am a beloved daughter. And I thank God for that.

My parents show pride, even though I don’t necessarily fit into the long-desired ideal daughter mould.

And as sad as it seems to be, distance has played a huge role with it. It imposed respect, urged frank and valuable communication, and facilitated freedom.

« Distance not only gives nostalgia, but perspective, and maybe objectivity. » – Robert Morgan

Today, I just want to express my love to you dad! To tell you thank you for your love, and for all you did, and still do, for me.

Anyone who knows us, admits that we share so much in common.

Both of us love sitting outside, with a book in one hand, and a cup of coffee or tea in the other. And whenever we shared those precious moments, we often ended up re-making the world, or our family members, in stead of actually reading.

Both of us value simple leisure, culture, nature, peace of mind, freedom, and independence.

You still enjoy saying that it was you who brought me to life – this still irritates mom – as it seems I was about to fall over when I was born, and you were there to catch me at the right moment…

You were not always there when I had my youth struggles. And you could not always understand them when you were there. Later on, I understood you also had your own struggles, and I could not even see them.

You were seldom punctual at any event. But I was amazed to see you ahead of time at my marriage. Whenever I turned around that day, you were in front of me, giving me your warm hand. I still can not describe how much it touched me and how much I loved to kiss your hand.

But I contained myself that day, not to cry.

Only recently did I learn that you cried that night. I am so sorry for not paying attention to your hidden emotions, dad…

Having you today makes me feel I am still young. I am still a daughter… But I am mature enough and I strive not to be trapped by time…

So, I am grateful for having managed to offer us some vacation in the past few years.

You were so happy with it and that made you look much younger… That made us closer to each other too! And made me feel proud…

I profoundly respect you, dad, and I admire your honesty, your boldness, your intelligence, your patience, your kindness with the poor, and your diplomacy to deal with conflicts and complicated situations.

Dad, I want you to always remember how much I love you and how much I miss you… I want you to see I am becoming the writer we both dreamed to be – may this push you finish your memoirs!

I ask God to protect mom and you, and to give us more time to enjoy life and to travel together in the near future.

Happy birthday my dear dad!!

Your beloved, daughter and friend…

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4 thoughts on “A Letter to my Dad… Happy Birthday!

  1. To read this is to take a small journey into a daughter’s soul. As a child we all want to have conversations with our Daddy’s that reach across the distance, whether miles or the perception of miles. I could feel the love for a Father from a Daughter……. tangible, real……..alive in every word, could feel the outpouring of genuine affection, in these words The sometimes painful thoughts. bringing tears to my own eyes. Just knowing the two of you are separated now by continents and hoping you see each other again soon. Knowing that the love you feel for each other keeps you connected and that it always will.

    Thank you for sharing this heart-felt message.

    1. Thank you so much my dear Carrie for this touching comment…
      So happy to have you among my readers and as a friend! 🙂
      Wish these words could spread the love and courage needed to (re)connect daughters and fathers throughout the world, regardless of any distance! ^^
      Really thankful, and hope to see you soon!


  2. Thanks for sharing your emotions.
    This letter is full of strong feelings, I can feel the deep love between you and your father… When I read this letter, I can see a father with tears in his daughter’s wedding…….It’s so lucky your father and you have too much in common, I’m so glad to see you are becoming a writer and push your dad with you, this letter reminds me not only the days when I had vacation with my parents, how happy they were and how younger they looked, but also reminds me no matter what happens, no matter how far it is, the love is always there.
    Thanks again for your sharing, hope you see your parents soon.

    1. Hello my Juan!
      I am so happy to see you here! 🙂
      That’s a great gesture and it means a lot to me!
      Your love and devotion to your parents had also inspired me to make those vacations… 😉
      That’s wonderful to share thoughts and feelings here through and beyond our different cultures.
      Only love counts and connects. 😉
      Hope to see you more often here, commenting and sharing your inspiration!
      Thank you for who you are and for all what you do to inspire me…
      With much love!


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