How a social media skeptic dips into blogging

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I have to admit: I don’t like to be part of the folly daily-life-sharing over social networks, nor being notified of the activity of each Facebook “friend”.

And although I made the effort to filter the publications coming on my Facebook “wall”, and to define different categories of friend… some useless notifications and undesirable practices are still there.

But who could still deny the social media impact in our today’s lives?

Whether to keep contact with friends, or to establish new relationships, or to develop hobbies and interests in group, or to promote ourselves, or a product, or a service, or an ideology… Everyone easily finds at least one good reason to use social media, with a common and ultimate objective: « To be present on the Internet! ».

However, being present by the simple act of reacting to some news or publications, as relevant as they may be, often loses its value, and even its sense, in the collective noise and the global motion.

So how to keep the control and the intelligence of our words on the Internet?

The real question is: how to educate our own voice and foster our personal branding over the net?

The stakes are high. Indeed, it is clear that social media is a matter of immediacy. This is what gives them all their power, but also, all their fragility. And this is where blogging comes in as a great remedy.

Blogging implies not only freedom – which is ours – to choose the form and substance of our presence on the Internet, but also a certain depth, continuity and sustainability of our views.

Blogging is a real cure for lack of time and space on social networks. But not only!

Having our own space on the Internet is wonderful. Yet, it requires to be well fed.

This is our own reputation that we display in full daylight.

Just accepting it is already a big step against our own fears of judgments or failures.

It must be said that we owe social networks some preparation for our public exhibition on the Internet. Blogging is just a freer, smarter, and more authentic version of this exhibition.

Beyond forcing us to think before expressing ourselves, blogging helps us focus on what is essential for us and opens up new opportunities.

It motivates us to get up early in the morning, and to stay late at night thinking, wondering, making researches, growing our curiosity and exploring our creativity in order to say the right words in the right way and share…

And you? What do you think about blogging?

Thank you for reading and for sharing!

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2 thoughts on “How a social media skeptic dips into blogging

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